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  • Movie-Review-It
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    Movie Review: It (2017)

    Unfortunately and perhaps unfairly to movies such as It (2017) there will be the inevitable comparisons to the original hit made for TV movie (1990) that is well loved and respected by that generation. I count myself fortunate to grow up in the era of fantastic coming of age movies such as Stand by me, […] More

  • Blocked-Driveway-What-Can-You-Do-2

    What can you ACTUALLY do legally if someone blocks your driveway?

    We’ve all been there, peering out through our windows at the vehicle making various manoeuvres outside of your house only to stop – right across your driveway. This person was revered as a local hero after she was forced to take extreme action in response to an inconsiderate driver blocking her in.  Julie Geue used […] More

  • Bexleyheath-Tops-Fastest-Selling-Homes

    Bexleyheath comes top in top ten fastest places to sell a home

    Research published by Rightmove has shown where property is currently selling fastest.  Research on house sales in south-east London suburb Bexleyheath has shown that on average houses sell within just three weeks of coming to market. The current average house price in Bexleyheath stands at £379,472 and the appeal is attributed to affordable property, good […] More

  • Uber-Licence1

    Uber loses its London licence

    In what has been seen as a brave move by TFL the ride-hailing app firm Uber will not be issued with a new private hire licence.  TFL announced that it regarded Uber as being not ‘fit and proper’ to hold a London private hire licence. This has provoked a strong reaction from drivers and users […] More

  • Southeastern-Adds-Carriages

    Southeastern finally adds more carriages to London Trains

    On the busiest commuter services into London, rail operator Southeastern has promised 68 extra carriages.  It remains to be seen whether these will benefit the passengers of the heavily stressed Woolwich, Bexleyheath and Bexley lines. This is a far cry from the chaos and despair caused by Chris Grayling back in May when he started work on […] More

  • Greenwich-Ikea



    Ikea Superstore opening 2018 divides opinion amongst local residents

    A new £100 million Ikea superstore in Greenwich (but nearer Woolwich) has divided opinion among local people. Residents from Woolwich, Eltham and Bexley have expressed concerns about traffic volumes and the potential mayhem it may bring to the roads. Others welcome the new store, seeing it as a good sign for the area, bringing investment […] More

  • Movie-Review-The-Emoji-Movie
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    Movie Review: The Emoji Movie (2017)

    Unfortunately I had the misfortune of taking my young children (all under 6) to see this at the weekend.  In actual fact it is quite difficult to review this movie as it was devoid of pretty much everything; a plot, likeable characters, fantasy, drama, intrigue – just one of these would have been nice.  Anyone […] More

  • Bexleyheath


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    Bexley rated the happiest London Borough

    Data analysts Tekja developed a Twitter study to give an insight into how happy Londoners are, the happiness was rated by borough. All London boroughs were ranked from happy to sad based on their twitter behaviour.  After analysing the data it was discovered that Bexley came out on top whereas Sutton ranked the lowest on the […] More

  • Facebook-Blocks-Shares4
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    Facebook blocks popular posts and disables users to make you cough up big bucks

    Social media giant Facebook has been under scrutiny recently as it adjusts its ‘Share’ algorithm to effectively block what would otherwise be a viral or popular post.  Several large and influential websites have completed in-depth studies into the effects of the Facebook changes that have seen the death of the organic viral Facebook posts.  See […] More

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