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Why Call of Duty WW2 should see the end of Quickscoping

We’ve all been on the receiving end of it and any long term Call of Duty player has most probably even used it themselves sometimes.  The question is, in 2018 and the latest Call of Duty, WW2 should quickscoping still be a part of the game and is it fair play? a glitch? an exploit? or should it just have no place in the game whatsoever?  I have never been compelled to comment on it before but after playing not one, not two but three entire teams of snipers all quickscoping I thought it relevant to pen my thoughts on the subject.

You can probably guess from the title of the article where my views lie as both a past quickscoper myself and someone who enjoyed racking up kills using it, it is a bad thing for the game and here’s why.

Sniper dominates all ranges

Although first and foremost Call of Duty has always been classed as an arcade shooter and not a simulator we all accepted that it was not trying to be true-to-life.  However at the same time we have loved this game for its unique classes, each one having some kind of edge of the over – like a modern take on rock-paper-scissors-stone.  SMG beats sniper, shotgun, LMG and Assault rifle mid to short range.  Assault rifle beats SMG, sniper, shotgun and LMG at mid range.  LMG beats SMG, shotgun and assault rifle at long range.  Shotgun beats all at close range.  Sniper beats all at long range.  This is the part that resonated with me because with quickscoping we suddenly had a new dynamic.  This was that sniper beats all at close range, short range, sometimes mid range and long range.  I think you see the problem.

All of a sudden we have a weapon, usually in the hands of a seasoned pro at the game now able to destroy opponents with ease at virtually all ranges.

This video demonstrates how a good quickscoper can beat any other class of weapon in the game


Does the difficulty of performing quickscoping make it acceptable?

I guess the obvious question with any perceived advantage in any game is – ‘its not an advantage because you can use it too’.  Well I both agree and disagree with this statement.  Quickscoping is certainly not easy to do, it took me a lot of practice to be able to do it and I had by no means mastered it.  Regardless of this I was still able to managed at least 20 kills per game of team deathmatch in Call of Duty WW2 with surprisingly little effort.  The main problem I had with quickscoping was the way it made me feel.  Every kill I managed didn’t feel ‘earned’, I felt cheap and like I was cheating much better players than me using what should have been the correct tool for the job (SMG, Assault rifle, shotgun) but had used a hack to get one over on them.  When using it I received quite a lot of messages not complimenting my play-style but telling me I had been blocked or that I should stop cheating.  To be honest they were correct and deep down I knew it.  I had spent countless hours learning how to cheat people almost akin to a card hustler.  Everyone has access to the same cards but I had manipulated mine to gain an unfair advantage.

Anyone can learn to quickscope, but its not as easy as you might expect.


What does the modern Call of Duty community make of quickscoping?

Usually the community is split down the middle on the issue of quickscoping but it seems that with the release of Call of Duty WW2 this has now become very lop-sided.  The number of those in favour of quickscoping seem to be dwindling with more and more angry players venting on sites such as


Quickscopers often gloat, accusing those who oppose it as jealous.  The argument seems to be very much directed towards the fact that quickscoping has no place in the game due to it not being designed into the game.  Pretty much else in the game was designed to happen and quickscoping is hated so much because it was simply discovered by a player one day by accident.  Typically these anomalies are removed by subsequent patches but this time it was not.  Not only did quickscoping endure it picked up a whole legion of fans who continue to practice it in force today.


Reactions like this are not uncommon in the community

What can be done about Quickscoping?

This seems to be the age old question and one that is heavily discussed in forums everyday.  I think that perhaps the best and fairest way to appease players on both sides of the argument would be rethink of the game modes.  If we had traditional Team Deathmatch but also Team Deathmatch – no snipers everybody wins.  Quickscopers can blast each other until their hearts are content and players that enjoy the traditional game without use of this particular play-style can have their ‘fair and square matches’.  The toxicity of the argument mainly seems to stem from the fact that quickscopers are amongst everyday normal players in traditional game modes.  The question is how would the quickscopers feel about this?  I certainly know that when I quickscoped it was no fun coming up against another quickscoper!  It was much easier to gun down a hapless SMG or LMG player.

Other solutions to the problem are more extreme.  It has been suggested that the game be limited to one sniper per team or that the sniper was a ‘special’ powerup weapon that you receive in a cargo drop.  There is always the option of making a sniper more like how a traditional sniper should be and that they can only hardscope.  This would mean some kind of mighty delay on the time it takes to draw the weapon and aim down the sights.

Message to the developers

In short I find Call of Duty WW2 to be a fantastic game and by far the best in the entire series.  In my view the only thing stopping it from becoming perfection and being in reach of gamers of all abilities it is quickscoping.  If somehow you can find a workaround or solution that appeases everybody you will have fans for life.

Happy gaming all!

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