What can you ACTUALLY do legally if someone blocks your driveway?

We’ve all been there, peering out through our windows at the vehicle making various manoeuvres outside of your house only to stop – right across your driveway.

This person was revered as a local hero after she was forced to take extreme action in response to an inconsiderate driver blocking her in.  Julie Geue used over a tonne of gravel (due to be used on her new driveway) to stop a commuter who frequently used her driveway from exiting for two days.


Unfortunately there is actually worryingly little that can be done if someone blocks your driveway.  The law is on your side if the obstruction is to a public road but not to private land.  There are however some things that can be done.  If you know the identity of the vehicle’s driver you can pursue a legal claim on the grounds that the driver is interfering with your use and enjoyment of your property.

If a driver parks on your driveway without permission the police can be involved as this is technically trespassing.  Whilst the punishment may only be a stiff talking to it may put the offending driver off.

If you were to take the matter into your own hands and block in a driver that has parked on your driveway there is a good chance that you yourself could get into trouble with the police.  Causing obstruction to a public highway is a criminal offence.

In most cases your best bet is to contact the local council and see what your options are.  If you are fortunate they may send a parking official or even the police to investigate.

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