Uber loses its London licence

In what has been seen as a brave move by TFL the ride-hailing app firm Uber will not be issued with a new private hire licence.  TFL announced that it regarded Uber as being not ‘fit and proper’ to hold a London private hire licence.

This has provoked a strong reaction from drivers and users of the app with a petition against the decision already reaching over 500,000 signatures.

In August, TFL stated that it had received a letter from Scotland Yard that described concerns about Uber’s decision not to report three sexual and violent incidents involving its drivers. In defence, Tom Elvidge, the general manager fro Uber in London stated  “Drivers who use Uber are licensed by Transport for London and have been through the same enhanced . . . background checks as black cab drivers,”.

As well as the safety concerns TFL also mentioned a concerns about the company’s ‘Greyball’ software which allows regulators to be deceived about the location of Uber drivers.

It is estimated that up to 40,000 Uber drivers will now be facing unemployment.


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