Southeastern finally adds more carriages to London Trains

On the busiest commuter services into London, rail operator Southeastern has promised 68 extra carriages.  It remains to be seen whether these will benefit the passengers of the heavily stressed Woolwich, Bexleyheath and Bexley lines.

This is a far cry from the chaos and despair caused by Chris Grayling back in May when he started work on plans to scrap Southeastern services from the often overcrowded Bexleyheath line into Charing Cross and Victoria.  Over 28,000 angry commuters reacted with this petition at the chance that they may lose these services and making their journeys longer and more complex.

Southeastern has now promised over 5,000 additional seats which will be welcome news for passengers used to standing for the duration of their journey.

The managing director of Southeastern trains, David Statham said “Longer trains will mean more seats, more space and more comfortable journeys.  Some of these carriages will be deployed this week and we are looking forward to introducing the rest over the coming weeks.”

Hopefully the extra carriages will ease the continually heavy burden on the very strained Southeastern train network.  Customers remain sceptical but this does seem like a step in the right direction for Southeastern.

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