Parsons Green bomb was as powerful as 7/7 attacks but failed to detonate

It has been revealed that the powerful explosive device used in the Parsons Green tube bombing was of the same type as the ones used in the 7/7 bombings and in other bombings across Europe.

The homemade device contained a material known as triacetone triperoxide (TATP) – this is also known as a ‘Mother of Satan’ device. It is so called because of the volatility of the explosive which can be ignited by things like heat or movement.

The Manchester Arena bomber, Salman Abedi also built a TATP device and filled it with nails. It seems to be very popular with Isis due to its ability to be made from widely available chemicals.

The Parsons Green device failed to detonate as it creator had planned, 29 people were injured but investigators believe this would have been far worse should it have worked as intended. Police have so far arrested an 18 year old man in connection with the bombing but is it suspected and highly likely that other at large are also responsible.

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