Ikea Superstore opening 2018 divides opinion amongst local residents

A new £100 million Ikea superstore in Greenwich (but nearer Woolwich) has divided opinion among local people. Residents from Woolwich, Eltham and Bexley have expressed concerns about traffic volumes and the potential mayhem it may bring to the roads. Others welcome the new store, seeing it as a good sign for the area, bringing investment to the local economy and jobs to the people.

The store should arrive late 2018 and will bring up to 500 jobs to local people. The site selected is on Bugsby’s way (near the B&Q/Odeon cinema) and is set to offer full and part time jobs in interior design, food services, sales and customer relations.

Back in 2014 a local paper the ‘News Shopper’ started a poll on whether people though that the store was a good idea. Out of the people questioned 52% were against the plans, 46% were for them and 2% indifferent. Residents were worried that the store will attract people from both sides of the Blackwall Tunnel and increase traffic in an already congested area. Ikea’s deputy property manager Steve Pettyfer said ‘We have actively sought to engage with the Greenwich community and are delighted so many local residents welcome our plans.

“We received approximately 400 representations during the pre-application consultation period, with 68 per cent of people who filled in a questionnaire indicating they fully or broadly supported the proposals.”

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