Creams of Bluewater in Kent criticised for not paying its young staff

Creams, a luxury British tea room outlet in upmarket Bluewater shopping centre in Kent is currently in the middle of a pay dispute between bosses and staff.

The luxury store described from its website as ‘Top-tier décor, contemporary furniture, marble floors and crystal chandeliers create an air of elegance and grandeur’ is accused of owing employees up to six weeks worth of back pay.

A Facebook post written by Julian Ball is currently circulating, explaining the situation.  Ball explains that angry parents of the young staff, some as young as 17 have all attempted to confront the store owners/senior managers but were met with a 21 year old shift supervisor who could not help.  The store is also accused of promising to pay wages owed but the staff then seeing nothing arriving in their bank accounts.

The store has also been criticised for not paying ex staff wages owed.  There is yet to be an official statement from Creams regarding the situation but news of the pay dispute is traveling fast so it would appear to be in the best interests of Creams and staff to have it resolved.


Angry Bluewater visitors have taken to Facebook to voice their concerns over the situation.  The main concern is that the young staff are being exploited by a large corporation and their voices not being heard.  If you have any more information or are personally involved in the situation please contact


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