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5 GCSEs and £120k! That’s what you’ll need to be an airline pilot!

A hit show on ITV has revealed what it takes to get behind the controls of a 70 ton aircraft and be paid as a commercial airline pilot.

The show revealed that trainee pilots cough up around £120,000 to fund their own training.  Some of the potential pilots borrow heavily to pay costs and others lucky enough to have wealthy parents have an easier time with the financial burden.

The documentary (which also forms part of a recruitment drive for EasyJet) shows that some pilots as young as 20 are put in charge of multimillion pound aircrafts and hundreds of passengers lives.  A training pilot is forced to accompany trainees until they are qualified but some of the take-offs and landings makes for nervous viewing.

The hit show also shone a light on the difficulties faced by trainee women pilots who are a minority in the field.


The profession was male dominated for a long period but is now becoming more balanced.

Wannabe pilots with 5 GCSEs and £120k can submit their applications here!

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