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Microsoft Xbox One X is it worth upgrading from Xbox One?

So you already have an Xbox One and a fairly sizable collection of games.  Do you really need to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest console and if you do what does it give you?

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Lets Get Technical

Not to get too geeky with the specs but the bottom line is that your current Xbox One is capable of 1080p graphics at 60fps.  So that means that on a 1080p HD TV a game will run at 60fps, so it will look fluid and smooth.

The Xbox One X on the other hand can run 4k (Or 4x a 1080p resolution) at 60fps.  This means that if you are lucky enough to be in possession o a 4k or Ultra HD TV you will benefit from crystal clear clarity.

Processor wise the new Xbox One X will have 8x 2.3GHz cores whereas the existing Xbox One has 8x 1.75GHz cores.

Can I still play my old games?

Fortunately the answer is yes and you don’t have to start a whole new games collection.  Games from the original Xbox One, the Xbox One S and the Xbox one X will all be compatible.

Obviously when buying a new game the Xbox One X versions will be far superior graphically.  This is a smart move from Microsoft as it means that the Xbox one X starts with a large catalogue of games from the get-go.

How much will it cost?

Like pretty much all Xbox’s before it, the Xbox One X will not be cheap.  The UK version will start at £449 and the US version $499. If like me you have been buying Xbox’s since the original Xbox was released in 2001 these prices will come as no surprise.  If you are investing in new state-of-the-art hardware and will get some serious use out of it these prices are not unreasonable.


In closing, I think most Xbox fans will be upgrading regardless but if you are reading this and still have a decision to make consider this.  This is the most powerful Xbox (or even console of any kind) made to date.  The upcoming games will be in 4k resolution and 60fps which means they will be visually stunning.  If you can live without this then stick with the Xbox One.  If you want to experience the best technology that this field has to offer? Then its an easy decision.

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